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Company Name: Chau Quan Pharmaceutical Company Limited Trading Name: Chau Quan Pharmaceutical Chemistry Company Limited. Abbreviations: C.Q.P.C Co., Ltd. Certificate of business registration No. 0302904121 by the Department of Planning and Investment Ho Chi Minh City certified. Add: 286/17A To Hien Thanh, 15th ward, 10th District, HCMC
Tel: 08 3862 1150 – 3862 0792 – 3862 4562
Fax: 08 3862 4563 – 3862 0792
2003 The company was established on April 2003 as Limited Liability Company Chau Quan Trade, location Doing business at 136 To Hien Thanh,15th Ward, 10th District , HCMC.
In the early days of establishment, public Company mainly dealing in commodities  medical equipment, chemicals and equipment equipment, laboratory equipment.
2006 The company moved to: 286 / 17A To Hien Thanh, 15th ward, 10th district, HCMC. 2011 On 28/07/2011 the company changed name to Chau Quan Pharmaceutical Company Limited. 2013 With strength as a reputable supplier Credit, market knowledge should be from months 01/2013, Chau Quan Company Exclusive agent for Vietnamese Pharmacy in the South.

Our company always selects the kinds of chemicals, pharmaceutical materials, food, cosmetics, laboratory instruments … with high quality imported from Holland, Europe, Germany, China, India … to promote their strength as well as prestige.


The products that Chau Quan supplied to customers have passed the quality inspection, meeting the standards of specialized industry.


Activities and development together with the goal of “providing customers with quality products as the basis for branding”, Chau Quan Pharmaceutical Company constantly gains significant achievements in business, The volume of goods distributed to customers is increasing. The business results of the previous year increased by about 30%. There are also domestic and foreign suppliers who believe in professionalism.


The products that Chau Quan supplied to customers have passed the quality inspection, meeting the standards of specialized industry. In the process of investment and development in the pharmaceutical market in Vietnam, we have a customer system is the prestigious companies such as Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company OPC, Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Hau Giang, United Pharma , TVPharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Bidiphar1 Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Vidipha Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, … Not stop there, Chau Quan is always expanding, expanding distribution network together with team dynamic staff to promote business capabilities.


Toward the goal of mutual cooperation, Chau Quan ensure fast and full supply of goods at the request of customers at any time, anywhere with reasonable price. With strength as a reputable and knowledgeable marketer, Chau Quan is the exclusive agent for Vietnam Chemistry Company in the South since January 2013.


Especially with the investment of commodity storage together with the staffs are trained to fit the process of distribution of goods to customers are pharmaceutical companies across the country, we have recently Achieved a number of certifications such as:

  • Certificate of eligibility for drug business on 29/08/2013.
  • Certificate of GDP – “Good Practice in Distributing Medicines and Materials” on 29/08/2013.
  • Certificate of GSP – “Good Practice for Good Preservation of Medicinal Substances and Materials” dated 07/10/2013.

Become a supplier of excipients, pharmaceutical raw materials, food and cosmetics at competitive prices, clear origin. Chau Quan always keeps its prestige and more and more customers are highly appreciated in the industry in Vietnam.

Guideline 2. Target 3.Undertake
"Quality is the conscience, the prestige is the foundation" "Ensure the distribution of good quality, reasonable prices to pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic manufacturers"

To become a reputable pharmaceutical raw material supplier, our company is committed to:
– Circulating materials of high quality to meet technical standards.
– Diversify raw materials to meet the needs of customers.
– Build long-term cooperative relationships with customers as well as with suppliers and manufacturers.
– Regular training and training for employees in the company in order to continuously improve professional qualifications and work discipline.
– Maintain a quality management system based on the principle of GSP, GDP on the basis of the participation of all employees.

Human resource

“Cooperation with Chau Quan, friends: Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, veterinary drug manufacturers and researchers from manufacturers will save time and costs; Chau Quan has the ability to distribute widely with fast and effective time to customer’s warehouse. “Chau Quan always attaches importance to building a team of dynamic, creative staff and team spirit to bring to customers with higher quality of service.
We are keenly aware that human resources are critical to the success of your business. The rapid development of pharmaceutical technology requires us to keep up to date, so our employees are constantly training professional in both professional and sales skills.
ZHU not only supplies raw materials, excipients but also provides technology consulting and solutions to our customers.

Process management

All of the goods provided by the company are clearly originated from China, Holland, France, USA, UK, Switzerland, India, Australia … which meet one of the following criteria:
USP; BP Dictionary; European Pharmacopoeia Eur.Ph … provide the goods of the right quality and committed to the original test of the manufacturer.